Dentist Randwick Sydney, we believe in providing you with technically advanced dentistry and personalised friendly attention.Make an appointment with Randwick Dentists.Technically advanced cosmetic and general dentistry.Technological innovation has dramatically changed dentistry.Sydney Dentists. At the Randwick Dental Clinic we have been committed to quality dental treatment for over twenty years.

The solutionsfor a beautiful and healthy smile for all ages!

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to ensure, using the most advanced techniques, that you and your family get to keep all your teeth throughout your life; pain free, with dignity, and with good function and appearance.

In this practice the aim of the staff is to provide you with first-class dental care. As in many things, prevention is better than cure. If sound advice regarding preventive dentistry is followed, you will find that the amount of future dental treatment needed is greatly reduced.

• Call 9314 5226 for an appointment or a   dental emergency
• Open Monday to Saturday by appointment
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Dental Emergency Service

Dentist Emergency, Sydney

Randwick Dental Clinic is open on Monday-Friday during business hours and on Saturdays by appointment. This is a business hour dental emergency service. For after hour dental emergencies please see the contact numbers below.

We have a daily space available for dental emergencies, Monday-Saturday during business hours. So call us as early as possible during the day so that we will be able to fit you in our dental emergency time.

Even with the best of care, dental emergencies can happen to any of us. This is why at the Randwick Dental Clinic we always keep appointments set aside each day in case of emergencies. Do you have a toothache? If you need an emergency dentist we will do all we can to help you. This service is also open to new patients.

The dentists at Randwick Dental Clinic are experienced in all aspects of dental emergency procedures from toothaches, root canal treatments, gum infections, wisdom teeth, broken teeth, tooth sensitivity, antibiotic medication and will be able to provide you with emergency relief.

In the event of a dental emergency we will try to accommodate you on the day of your call depending on your type of emergency. Daily spaces are left in our appointment book to avail a same day dental service to meet your needs so that your dental problems are dealt with as soon as possible. At Randwick Dental Clinic we allocate certain hours of each day for dental emergency appointments.

We aim to provide emergency dental service to those who require urgent care and cannot wait until the next working day. Whether you have a toothache or cracked tooth, the last thing you want is to have to wait weeks to see the dentist. We always try to see emergency patients the same day whenever possible.

IMPORTANT: To help us provide the emergency care service effectively, please call the practice as early as possible in the day and we will try and fit you in during the allocated time we have set aside for dental emergencies. Call us on 9314 5226.

If you have a dental emergency before or after business hours you can call our dental clinic and leave a message on our answering machine. Please let us know that you have a dental emergency and leave your name and number. Our receptionist will call you back on the next working day, as soon as she hears the message.

For after hour dental emergencies you can contact:

Hospital Address Telephone
Prince of Wales Hospital (Adult*)
Barker St, Randwick 9382 2222
St Vincent's Hospital (Adult*)
Victoria St, Darlinghurst 8382 1111
Sydney Children's Hospital (Child*)
High St, Randwick 9382 1111
The Sutherland Hospital
Kareena Rd, Caringbah 9540 7111
St George Hospital
Gray St, Kogarah 9113 1111
Sydney Hospital (Adult*) & Sydney Eye Hospital
8 Macquarie St, Sydney 9382 7111
Milton Ulladulla Hospital
Princes Highway, Milton 4455 1333
Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital
Shoalhaven St, Nowra 4421 3111
Bulli Hospital
Hospital Road, Bulli 4284 4344
Shellharbour Hospital
Madigan Boulevarde, Mt Warrigal 4295 2500
Wollongong Hospital
Loftus Street, Wollongong 4222 5000

* NSW Health defines a child as a person younger than 16 years of age, and a child as becoming an adult on their 16th birthday.